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In the world of small size companies ATABIANO is born as a family business.

The business began in 1982 as a manufacturer of sponge balls obtained by die-cutting and milling from a sheet of polyurethane.

In 1985 he bought the first foaming plant for the mass production of balls and balls in polyurethane.

The purchase, in 1986 and 1988, of two automated carousel foaming plants speeds up the increase in production.

The experience gained during processing in foaming processes allows the development of new molding methods for various types of flexible polyurethane foam type and integral type self-skinning with aesthetic and mechanical results on customer request.

From the 90s, collaboration began with manufacturers of bicycle saddles and protections for sportswear and motorcycles, with foam padding made with customized molds for each customer.

The purchase, in 1992, of two other foaming systems for rigid polyurethane allows to expand the offer of third party processing for foaming insulating to filling on items supplied by the customer.

Currently the business is in the production of balls exported in the world and the foaming on behalf of third parties of technical articles for the Italian market.