Atabiano - About Us

ATABIANO is a company that has a consolidated experience in the development and production of articles for the recreational / educational / technical sector and in the production of third parties of components molded in flexible, integral and rigid polyurethane.


Once it was called foam. Material made from a single molding operation

comfort and softness

The polyurethane sponge Atabiano guarantees maximum comfort and softness

support and durability

At the same time, however, it is able to guarantee resistance to stress and to guarantee it in time


Being artificial does not come to decay over time and ensures hygienic nature long


The flexible polyurethane assumes any shape depending on the effort to which it is subjected

absorption of noise and vibrations

The foam absorbs the noise or vibration from the environment or from machinery

hardness and lift variables

Thanks to various hardness inserts you can obtain a greater bearing capacity

Our products

A brief summary of what we produce

We produce foamballs of polyurethane with characteristic softness, hygiene and texture.

Solutions for insulation with polyurethane foam for refrigeration or heat insulation.

We produce foamed padding for any type of application.

We produce polyurethane paddings and protections for sports on customer's personalized request

We produce technical articles on request.


A brief summary of our news

The new site is online

Completely renovated in the graphic, in content and in its information potential, is online the new website, featuring a modern layout and impact, which incorporates and enhances the